The Vaquero

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Bring the Spirit of the Old West to Your Backyard with The Vaquero
This cowboy-style wok lets you cook like a real cowpoke. Shaped like a Mexican sombrero, The Vaquero has options of horseshoe handles or roller handles.   Add the removable legs and your ready for perfect for open fire cooking.

  • Horseshoe handles provide a old west traditional look for cooking
  • Roller handles provide a more conformable grip while carrying
  • Removable legs allow use on an open campfire or propane burner
  • Pre-seasoned cooking surface is ready to use right out of the box
  • Approximately 21-24 inch diameter is great for everyday cooking

Fry up a mess of beans, roast meat and veggies, or simmer a pot of chili - the carbon steel material distributes heat evenly as you cook. With The Vaquero, you can rustle up mouthwatering cowboy cuisine for the whole family. So round up the gang and get ready for some good old fashioned campfire cooking. The Vaquero brings the wild west to life in your own backyard.

Removeable legs do not come standard but are available to add at check out!