Authentic Cowboy Cooking With the Cowboy Wok
Made from genuine recycled disc blades for a rugged, generous cooking surface
Seasoned carbon steel construction distributes heat for flavorful searing
Smoke, sear, and stir-fry over live fire for smoky cowboy wok flavor
Large enough to cook full meals for the whole family or backyard cookouts
With its ample cooking space and carbon steel body, the Cowboy Wok unlocks the bold flavors of authentic cowboy cuisine. This rugged wok lets you smoke, sear, and stir-fry over an open flame for farm-fresh meals with smoky wok-fired goodness. Its recycled disc blade construction provides excellent heat distribution for proper searing and caramelization every time. Take your grilling game to the next level and satisfy big appetites with true ranch-style cooking.
Perfect for cooks who want timeless cowboy flavor without the hassle. The Cowboy Wok brings the taste of the ranch right to your backyard or campsite. With its versatile design you can cook everything from smoking ribs low and slow to flash-frying veggies, searing juicy steaks OR deep frying fresh caught fish!
Get ready to feed the whole family, posse, or ranch hands with the generous cooking surface of the Cowboy Wok. It's outdoor cooking made easy, letting you focus on good times, good friends, and good eats.

Customer Reviews

Great product! The heavy steel makes for incredibly even heating, and I can cook an entire meal for six on it. Love mine! 6/26/20

Katy Hoskins

This makes great food and is a great idea. In comparison to other woks it is very competitively priced. I highly recommend! 3/4/20

Sean Wilke

Thank you “Production Team”. Love mine! Anyone that hasn’t ordered yet- get ya one! 12/23/20

Rene Cox

Some times in life you get exactly what you pay for. Please don’t let the price discourage you from buying this Discada wok. The best on Etsy by far! Well worth the money. It is beautiful as it is tough and absolutely built to last. Great attention to detail, quality smooth welds and sturdy removable built to last tripod legs! Simple yet tasteful and practical design with horse shoe handles that just make you smile and appreciate the craftsmanship. Very easy and pleasant to cook on. You can use firewood, charcoal or a gas flame burner and you will not be disappointed in either case. Easy to clean and take apart. Built solid and built to last. A great combination of design, function and durability. Will probably buy one more as a gift. Thank You very much and God Bless👌


Love it! It’s exactly what I ordered. He answered my questions, was very respectful. If you want something to with over a fire, this is perfect for camping. I’ll be ordering again! Thank you!! 😁 Lisa Albin

Lisa Albin