Conciero "The Camp Cooker"

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Ignite your taste buds and unleash your campsite cuisine with the Conciero, "The Camp Cooker" wok!  This rugged, versatile wok is specially designed for the chef who wants 5 star caliber cooking while camping or hiking OR just in the back yard.

  • Removable legs allow you to use on open fires or propane stoves
  • Pre-seasoned carbon steel comes ready to cook right out of the box
  • Ideal size and weight for easy transport and storage
  • Durable construction designed for outdoor cooking

The Conciero wok is the ultimate cooking companion for camp chefs who want to prepare flavorful stir fries, curries, fajitas and more at their campsite or on the trail. Its smart design provides flexibility and convenience, while its pre-seasoned wok means you can start cooking mouthwatering meals immediately. Take your camping cuisine to the next level with the Conciero wok!